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Fresh Baked Quiche with Fresh Fruit - Buffet Style - Minimum Order 20

One of Our Own deli dishes that we prepare homemade. With the perfect crust and high quality ingredients, this is a tough one to beat. Choose from Cheese, Bacon and Cheese, Broccoli and Cheese, Ham and Cheese, Sausage and Cheese, Spinach and Cheese, Turkey and Cheese or Vegetable and Cheese. Served with fresh fruit and hash brown patties.


Minimum Order is for 20 people.


Choose the flavors you want below.  If you want the whole order to be one flavor, choose from that selection.  If you want to split the order into two flavors, choose from the half options as noted.  If you want to split the order into more than two flavors, please call your favorite store to place the order.


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