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FUN Filled Cupcake Server

Gourmet Cupcake Server - Taste of Scandinavia - 48 Count

Pic in Picture: Limited supplies - other pics available. The Gourmet Cupcake Tree comes with 48 delectable cupcakes from Taste of Scandinavia. You get to choose the variety of cupcake and frosting that you prefer! You can pick 6 of every variety or you can pick 48 of the same. It is your choice, make your own Gourmet Cupcake Tree assortment now! Any special thoughts, please share them with us in the special notes box and our Bakery Experts will take it from there.


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Choose FlavorCupcake/Frosting Choice 5 (Quantities of 6)
Choose FlavorCupcake/Frosting Choice 6 (Quantities of 6)
Choose FlavorCupcake/Frosting Choice 7 (Quantities of 6)
Choose FlavorCupcake/Frosting Choice 8 (Quantities of 6)
Cupcake/Frosting Choice 1 (Quantities of 6)
Cupcake/Frosting Choice 2 (Quantities of 6)
Cupcake/Frosting Choice 3 (Quantities of 6)
Cupcake/Frosting Choice 4 (Quantities of 6)
School Color Dollop Choice 1
School Color Dollop Choice 2
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